Issue 2 of Volume 2 (summer 2013) has been published

25/08/2013 00:53

Dear Colleagues,


This is the second issue of the second volume of Czech Journal of Social Sciences, Business and Economics (CJSSBE) scheduled for summer 2013. 

The research papers in the second issue address a number of topics comprising the main three fields of the journal: social sciences, business and economics. 

The paper that belongs to the first field includes the description of the theoretical model of life long professional development for the teaching staff.

The paper that represents the business section of our journal includes the description of the development of information and communication technology measurement indicators for health centres.

The economics section of our summer issue is more abundant: we have three papers describing youth labour market in Ukraine (main trends and the situation of unemployment), economic freedom and the labour potential development and the Russian experience with the implementation of technology platforms yielding benefits for the national economy.

Last but not least, we added the new section to the journal entitled “Book reviews”. The summer 2013 issue features the research report on a book entitled “The Actions of Good Leaders: A Research Commentary on Canadian Leadership Lessons“. The report was prepared by the book’s authors, Jim Parsons and Larry Beauchamp.

We trust that you will enjoy reading the present issue, and we look forward to presenting you our next in autumn 2013!


Wadim Strielkowski