The second issue of CJSSBE (Volume 2, Issue 1) is out now!

15/04/2013 12:37


Dear Colleagues,


This is the first issue of the second volume of Czech Journal of Social Sciences, Business and Economics (CJSSBE), starting its second year of publication. As noted previously, the aim of CJSSBE remains to provide a platform that supports the transmission of new scholarly discoveries in the fields of social sciences, business and economics and we have been excited about offering a platform that supports scholars in building upon intellectual treasures and advancing our understanding about various fields of research in novel and meaningful ways. Capitalizing on this effort, we now focus on furthering our scope and consolidating our position in both conceptual developments and practical applications in the fields covered by the scope of our journal.

The research papers presented in the first issue address a number of topics covering the main three fields: social sciences, business and economics.

The papers that belong to the first field include the narrative of the coverage of Soviet periodicals of the history of national movements and ethnic political conflicts in the Soviet Union and its republics in 1987-1991, elaboration on a model of improving teachers’ strategies in the foreign language training, and presentation of a simulation model of techno sphere of an institution of children’s supplementary education in Russia.

The papers belonging to the second field include the identification of mechanisms of formation and use of funds in the process of personal financial planning and the presentation of the “Burgo” model used to calculate profits in McDonald’s fast-food restaurants.

Finally, the papers belonging to the third field include those elaborating on the main drawbacks on the European system of central banks, and attempting to unveil why European countries cannot comply with EU directives.

We trust that you will enjoy reading the present issue, and we look forward to presenting you our next in summer 2013!


Wadim Strielkowski



Inna Čábelková



Evgeny Lisin