Volume 6, Issue 2 (summer), 2017

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Unemployment and copying with stress, anxiety, and depressions

Elena-Nicoleta Bordea, Mihnea Manea and Angelo Pellegrini

DOI: 10.24984/cjssbe.2017.6.2.1



Efficiency and competitiveness of the integrated logistic chains in the tourism industry

Irina Terenina and Evgenia Mihailichenko

DOI: 10.24984/cjssbe.2017.6.2.2



Effective management and self-government: current trends

Nadežda Jankelová, Andrea Jankurová and Dušan Masár

DOI: 10.24984/cjssbe.2017.6.2.3


Accessibility of higher education in Vietnamese and Russian societies: a quantative aspect

Ha Van Hoang, Valentina Fursova and Alla Shakirova

DOI: 10.24984/cjssbe.2017.6.2.4


Economic development of Slovakia within Austrian-Hungarian monarchy: a historical review

Juraj Kalický, Peter Čajka and Evgenya Krivokora

DOI: 10.24984/cjssbe.2017.6.2.5